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Celebrating Angie: A Pillar of Passion and Professionalism at Angela’s Angles Photography

Updated: Jul 2

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In the world of weddings, where moments of love, joy, and togetherness are immortalized in photographs, having a dependable and multi-talented photographer is indispensable. For many of our clients here at Celestial Farms in Clio, Michigan, that person is Angie, the powerhouse behind Angela’s Angles Photography. My journey with Angie began even before the opening of our venue when she reached out to tour the barn and the outdoor ceremony spaces in preparation for a wedding she had booked here. Since then she has not only become an essential part of our operations but also a cherished friend. Her story is a testament to what passion, dedication, lots of talent and a sprinkle of magic can achieve! 

The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

Before we even opened the doors to Celestial Farms, I had the pleasure of meeting Angie. She had what would be our third wedding booked and she scheduled an appointment to come check the property out in advance. That was my first impression which was a testament to the dedication she had for her job. She took pictures inside and out, during the time that the wedding would take place to test the lighting. It was immediately apparent that she possessed an extraordinary blend of potential, drive, and an undeniable passion for photography. Her eyes would light up when she talked about capturing moments and the stories behind each photo shoot, especially some of my favorites like child birth photo shoots. It was this fervor and determination that convinced me Angie was someone special, someone who could turn fleeting moments into timeless memories.

A Supermom with a Camera

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Angie’s life is a beautiful juggling act. She is not only a professional photographer but also an incredible mom to two energetic, super sweet and adorable boys TJ and Weston. Balancing the demands of motherhood and raising a family with the pressures of running a business is no small feat, but Angie handles it with grace and efficiency. Her ability to manage her time and responsibilities is nothing short of inspiring. Each week she spends hours and hours editing photos in between baseball tournaments and school pickup and drop offs.. and she makes it look easy. All of these amazing features make her not just a role model for her me and our staff at Celestial Farms but for everyone who knows her.

Published Success and Professional Recognition

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"First Look"

In the competitive world of wedding photography, getting featured in magazines is a significant achievement. Angie has managed to do just that, with two of our brides' weddings published in renowned magazines. Pretty Little Poser Issue 352 features Katie and Jeremy. And FRAMED Issue 225 features Rachel and Harvey. This recognition is a testament to her skill, creativity, and the unique perspective she brings to her work. Each photograph she takes is a blend of technical prowess and artistic vision, capturing not just images but the essence of the moments she photographs, and after editing her images literally come to life. 

A Heroic Last-Minute Save

One of the most unforgettable instances showcasing Angie’s dedication happened recently. On the day of a wedding with our sweet couple whose designated photographer failed to show up. It was a moment of sheer panic for me, Kayla our coordinator with Creative Grace Wedding Planning and the family with the ceremony about to start and no one to capture it. In what felt like pulling a rabbit out of a hat, I called Angie, hoping against hope she could step in. Despite the short notice, Angie arrived just in time after dropping her youngest son with a sitter and seamlessly took over the photography. Her ability to adapt and excel under that level of pressure was nothing short of miraculous. And her beautiful smile and laughter makes everyone around her immediately comfortable. The pictures she took were stunning, capturing the couple’s special day beautifully and turning a potential disaster into a triumphant success for the family and every single one of us at Celestial Farms. 

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A Trusted Collaborator and Friend

Over the years, Angie has become much more than a photographer for our venue. She has turned into one of my best friends. Her willingness to go above and beyond extends beyond her photography. Angie has been instrumental in helping with promotional materials like our new brochures for the venue, lending her creative eye and professional expertise to ensure our marketing is top-notch. And you should definitely check out Angie's Blog to hear what she has to say herself about Celestial Farms. She even steps in as a staff member when needed, demonstrating her versatility and unwavering support for Celestial Farms, with a smile that melts hearts. 

Angie's Impact on Our Venue

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Angie’s presence at our venue has had a profound impact. Her photographs grace our promotional materials, showcasing the beauty and elegance of the weddings we host. Prospective clients often comment on the stunning photography, which sets a high standard and builds their confidence in choosing our venue for their special day. Her ability to capture the magic of each event has become a significant selling point for us.

Moreover, Angie’s warm personality and professional demeanor make her a favorite among our clients. Brides and grooms feel at ease and confident with her, knowing they are in capable hands. This trust and rapport she builds with them translate into more relaxed, genuine photographs that truly capture the spirit of their wedding day.

Behind the Lens: Angie's Philosophy

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One of the things that set Angie apart is her photography philosophy. She believes that every photography session is unique and that her job is to tell the story of each person through her lens. She takes the time to get to know our brides and grooms and all of her clients photo sessions, understanding their personalities, preferences, and love stories. This personal connection allows her to capture images that are not just beautiful but deeply meaningful.

Angie’s approach is both artistic and

methodical. She combines her keen eye for detail with technical expertise, ensuring that each shot is perfectly composed for the setting. Whether it's a candid moment of laughter between the bride and groom or a meticulously arranged group photo, Angie’s work -shooting and editing- reflects her commitment to excellence.

The Future with Angie

As we look to the future, I am excited about the continued collaboration with Angie. Her growth as a photographer has been phenomenal, and I am confident that she will continue to reach new heights. Her innovative ideas and unwavering dedication will undoubtedly lead to more published work and even greater recognition in the photography industry.

For Celestial Farms, having Angie as a part of our team means we can assure our clients of the highest quality photography. Her presence adds immense value, not just through her stunning images but through the trust, confidence and assurance she provides to the couples who choose us, and her uplifting spirit that we all love. I look forward to many more years of not only friendship but also working together, creating unforgettable memories for the couples who celebrate their love at Celestial Farms.


Angie of Angela’s Angles Photography is more than just a photographer; she is a storyteller, a best friend, a dedicated mother, a loving wife and an invaluable part of our Celestial Farms family. Her journey from a passionate photographer with potential to a recognized professional with published work is inspiring. Her ability to step in at a moment’s notice and deliver outstanding results is a testament to her talent and dedication. 

Having Angie by our side means knowing that every wedding will be beautifully captured, that every couple will have their story told through her lens. It means having a trusted friend and collaborator who brings out the best in everyone around her. Angela’s Angles Photography is not just a business; it’s a beacon of passion, professionalism, and great friendship. Here’s to Angie, and to many more beautiful moments captured together! 

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"Stephanie and Zeke"

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