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Wedding Table Linens: Buying or Renting?

Wedding table linens play a major role in the overall appearance of your reception, yet they are often the most overlooked element of wedding decor. A common dilemma many couples face when planning their big day is deciding if they're buying or renting their table linens. This decision depends on various factors such as budget, convenience, and long term plans for your linens.

Buying Linens

Buying your own linens does come with some advantages. These advantages include:

  1. Buying allows for complete customization. You can choose your colors, fabrics, lengths and patterns. And you'll never be limited by what your venue has to choose from.

  2. Purchased linens can be reused for your family gatherings or repurposed in your home.

  3. It may be the more cost effective option if you make a bulk purchase and don't mind ironing and steaming them yourself. At Celestial Farms we make a lot of our linen purchases at and they have an endless amount of colors and fabrics to choose from as well as easy to follow charts that help you determine the sizes you'll need. Of course there are some disadvantages to buying your own linens as well.

These disadvantages include:

  1. Storage and Maintenance when buying your own linens.

To store a large amount of wedding linens you need ample space before and after the wedding. Our Celestial Farms storage room is packed with linens, some boxed and some hung. Keeping them boxed will inevitably lead to them being wrinkled.


2. Cleaning and Upkeep of your purchases linens.

Cleaning and upkeep of linens is both time consuming and costly. Depending on wether you plan to wash them yourself or have them professionally cleaned, don't forget to add that to your linen budget. You can NEVER leave dirty or damp linens laying around too long or they'll develop mildew stains.

4. Limited Use.

If you don't intend to reuse your wedding linens and the idea of washing, ironing, folding, and storing them to resell at a reduced price does not appeal to you, perhaps renting is the more suitable choice for you.

Renting Linens

Renting lines comes with many advantages such as:

  1. Convenience.

Renting is always more convenient. If you rent your linens directly from your venue they will have them set up and ready to go for you. Not to mention they'll also be taken care of at the end of the night.

2. Logistics.

Weddings require a lot of transportation of items and decor. Since the storage for them does require a significant amount of space, by renting linens you'll have one less item to transport to and from your venue.

3. Wrinkle and crease free when renting from Celestial Farms.

I can't speak for all venues, but here at Celestial Farms, our linens are ironed first for the deep creases, then placed on the tables, then steamed to perfect any missed spots for a picture perfect wedding table!

Wedding linen on cocktail table

In Conclusion, choosing to buy or rent your wedding linens depends on many personal factors such as budget, style, convenience and long term use. We take pride in the linen services we offer at Celestial Farms and most of our clients do choose to rent. We have fitted spandex linens, floor length polyesters, and fitted polyesters. Every couple will be given multiple options to choose from to create the look they've dreamed of for their special day!

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