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Celebrating Love with Four legged Friends: The Ultimate Guide to Our Pet-Friendly Wedding Venue at Celestial Farms


Weddings are a celebration of love and commitment with your favorite people, and for many of our couples at Celestial Farms, pets are an important part of the family. Our pet-friendly wedding venue embraces this sentiment, ensuring your four-legged friends can share in your special day. The Celestial Farms barn began many years ago as a horse barn for our pets. We are animal lovers and fully embrace all pets at our venue. This guide will walk you through the unique features we offer here at Celestial Farms to accommodate your pets, the responsibilities of pet attendants, and tips for incorporating them seamlessly into your wedding day celebration.

Why Choose a Pet-Friendly Wedding Venue?

Personalized Experience and Connection

Our pet loving clients find so much comfort on one of the most important days of their lives with the ability to have their four legged best friends by their sides. Their presence helps alleviate wedding day jitters and they add a layer of comfort and familiarity to the atmosphere at Celestial Farms making our couples feel more "at-home" here on their big day!

Unique Photo Opportunities

Including pets in your celebration opens up a world of unique photo opportunities that photographers will absolutely love. Imagine your pet trotting down the aisle with the wedding rings on their collar like "Bear" did so perfectly at Christina and John's wedding. Or maybe your pet isn't as perfectly on cue as "Bear" and just wants to come to snap a few photos with mom and dad like "Waylon" did, and that's ok too!

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Inclusive Celebration

As a pet-friendly wedding venue we allow you to include ALL family members, so no one you love gets left out. For some of our clients, their pets are like children, and their presence makes the day feel complete.

Features of Our Pet-Friendly Wedding Venue

Spacious Outdoor Areas

Celestial Farms boasts expansive outdoor spaces, perfect for pets to roam and play. They'll never get tired of exploring here!

Indoor Accommodations

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After your pet is finished with their responsibilities, we offer pet-friendly indoor spaces to relax and hang with their pet attendant.

The Role of Pet Attendants

Having a pet-friendly venue is only part of the equation; ensuring pets are well-cared for and carry out their duties on time throughout the event is of the utmost importance. This is where our trusted, experienced and fun pet attendants come in! Our preferred et attendants at Jackie and Joe's are dedicated individuals responsible for managing and caring for your pets throughout the wedding day. Here are some examples of their responsibilities:

Pre-Wedding Preparations

1. Introduction Meeting:

• Meet with the couple and their pets ahead of time to understand specific needs, routines, and the pet's unique personalities.

• Familiarize themselves with the wedding timeline and our layout at Celestial Farms.

2. Rehearsal Participation if the pet plays a role in the ceremony:

• Attend the wedding ceremony rehearsal (Celestial Farms includes a rehearsal for every wedding) to practice roles, such as walking down the aisle, carrying rings, etc.

• Ensure pets are comfortable and familiar with the our spaces and their surroundings.

Day-of Responsibilities

1. Arrival and Setup:

• Arrive early to set up the pet's spaces, including water bowls, treats, waste bags, etc.

• Prepare a place for rest with comfortable bedding (usually the clubhouse is the pet hangout).

2. Pet Transportation:

• Safely transport pets to and from the venue.

3. Ceremony Participation:

• Assisting pets in their roles, such as ring bearer or flower pet or just a simple walk down the aisle.

• Ensure pets are calm and well-behaved during the ceremony-including NOT letting them take a dip in the pond!

4. Supervision During the Wedding:

• Continuously monitoring the pets for the duration of their time here at Celestial Farms.

• Manage interactions between pets and guests to ensure everyone’s comfort and safety.

• Provide breaks for pets, including walks around the property, bathroom breaks and rest periods.

5. Feeding and Staying hydrated:

• Ensure pets have fresh water and food throughout their time here.

• Monitor pets for signs of stress and address their needs immediately if anything arises.

6. Photography Assistance:

• Help position pets for photos, alleviating any extra work for the photographer and ensuring they look their best!

• Keep pets engaged and well behaved during photo sessions for the ease of the photography portion of their duties.

7. Emergency Care:

• Be prepared for any emergencies, including minor injuries or illnesses.

• Have contact information for local veterinarians and pet emergency services including the preferred vet the couple uses.

Post-Wedding Responsibilities

1. Departure:

• Safely transport pets back home or to their accommodation or to the person in charge of transportation.

• Ensure they are settled into their designated area comfortably after their duties are complete.

2. Cleanup:

• Clean and pack up pet stations, toys, food, bedding, etc.

• Ensure the venue and designated pet area is left in good condition!

Tips for a Seamless Pet-Friendly Wedding

Choosing the Right Pets

Not all pets may be suited for a wedding environment, especially with this tempting pond we have staring them in the face, and acres upon acres of woods to get lost in! Consider the individual personality of your pet and their stress levels of before making the final decision to include them in your big day. It’s important to choose pets that are comfortable around crowds and new environments.

Familiarization with the Venue

All of our clients are welcome and encouraged to bring their pets to the venue before the wedding day and/or during ceremony rehearsal. Let them explore the grounds, inside and out and become familiar with the surroundings, staff and the designated area they'll be spending time at. This can help reduce anxiety so they are comfortable on the big day.

Training and Practice

If your pets have specific roles, such as walking down the aisle or sitting quietly during the ceremony, practice these tasks in advance. We encourage you to practice more than once. Training sessions can help ensure they are well-behaved and confident with their roles, and we highly encourage the pet attendant to be a part of these training and introductory sessions and if you need extra hours during the week for this we can accommodate!

Creating a Pet-Friendly Timeline

Consider your pets’ needs when planning for their timeline. Schedule regular breaks for feeding, hydration, walks and bathroom breaks. Try to avoid long periods of inactivity or overstimulation to keep them happy, relaxed and comfortable.

Guest Awareness

Inform your guests about the presence of pets at your wedding, either on your invites or by word of mouth. Some guests may have allergies or a fear of animals, so it’s essential and a necessary courtesy to communicate this in advance. Providing designated pet-free zones can also help accommodate all guests comfortably, usually the barn is off limits to the pets once dinner is served, unless there's a role the pet needs to fill at that time.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Pet Attendants such as Ashley from Jackie and Joe's pictured below!

Peace of Mind

Professional pet attendants will provide not only our couples but also our staff with peace of mind, allowing everyone to focus on the big day without worrying about your pets’ well-being. Pet attendants handle all of the important aspects of your pets care, guaranteeing your furry friends are happy, healthy, and safe.

Expertise and Experience

Experienced pet attendants such as Ashley from Jackie and Joe's understand animal behavior from her 5+ years of experience and they are equipped to handle various situations that may arise. They will ensure a smooth and stress-free experience for both pets, their owners, all guests, and staff here at the venue.

Personalized Care

Pet attendants offer personalized care for each pets’ specific needs. Whether they require medication, a special diet, or need extra comfort due to any reason, they will ensure your pets receive the best possible love and care.


Our pet-friendly policy at Celestial Farms is designed to create a magical and inclusive celebration for you and your beloved pets. As Celestial Farms was previously a horse farm, pets are near to our hearts. By incorporating dedicated pet attendants, we ensure your furry friends are well-cared for, allowing you to enjoy your special day to the fullest without any added responsibilities. From pre-wedding preparations to post-event care, Jackie and Joe's services and amenities provide everything needed for a seamless and joyous experience. Celebrate your love surrounded by all your family members, furry and human alike, and create memories that will last a lifetime at Celestial Farms!

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